Outdoor Kitchens

Make Your Home an Oasis

Most people remember growing up cooking outside with their family.  Dad was manning the grill, and Mom was running in and out of the house juggling arm-loads of condiments, side dishes, and paper plates. It was usually a great day, albeit labor-intensive.

Nowadays, you can skip the ordeal of organizing, setting up, prepping, cleaning, and storing away all your outdoor living entertaining essentials, and trade it in for convenience of an outdoor kitchen. Today, outdoor kitchens are replete with the latest tile, stone treatments, and marble countertops, all fused together like a dream into a room outside of the house that your whole family can enjoy. Outdoor kitchens are a place for family and friends to relax— a retreat within your own home.

The Hottest New Trend

In the words of Tony Corrente, Managing Partner for Prime Construction Services: “Many clients are longing for outdoor living square footage. People are focusing less on the formal living rooms and dining rooms, and instead want to spend time in an outdoor kitchen complete with all the amenities of an indoor kitchen. They are choosing to not spend the money to increase the total square footage of their home, but they are increasing the value of their home by spending the money outside with an outdoor kitchen.”

Demand for full-fledged outdoor kitchens is increasing. People no longer simply want a nice spot for their grill. They want stovetops, sinks, refrigerators, ice machines, etc. The backyard is no longer just a spot for Dad to flip burgers, but an entertaining destination for family and friends. Imagine sitting comfortably outside on a couch with your loved ones for a meal, enjoying the beauty of nature while listening to the trickle of the waterfall in the koi pond, the chirp of the birds, and the rustling of the leaves. What more could you ask for?

Not only do many people who are planning on staying in their homes want an outdoor kitchen, but so do buyers. Realtors have seen a drastic increase in outdoor kitchens on the wish list of many buyers. If done properly, an outdoor kitchen will increase the property value of your home and make it much more desirable.

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Trust Our Experienced Professionals

Prime Construction Services treats every outdoor kitchen project with the same attention to detail as we do for an indoor kitchen remodel. First, we will walk through every step of the project with you, and determine your vision. Our team of contractors will locate and draw up plans for  gas, plumbing, and electrical line installations.

Although outdoor kitchens are not in the house, the design and layout is still part of the home. Our expert design team is happy to assist you in finding the right stones, tiles, countertops, appliances and other items for your new space. We can design your outdoor kitchen as a spot to relax in on nice days, or as a place you can enjoy all year long, thanks to gas heaters, stone fireplaces, or fire pits. We can also help keep your outdoor kitchen cool with large ceiling fans, misting fans, or even a cooling unit. Everything in the outdoor kitchen is designed for ease of use. Food, drinks, and condiments can be stored in the refrigerators. Music, television, and even computers can be part of your outdoor kitchen. 

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

The type of outdoor kitchen you choose should accentuate features of your home and/or your personality. For purposes of resale value, however, we would encourage you to stay close to the style of your home if you are planning on moving within the next five years. For a colonial-style house, we might suggest side columns and marble countertops. If you desire a more industrial feel, you could use old bricks and exposed pipes, along with a copper metal. Rustic homes could have rough beams and distressed wood shelves. For a Tuscan feel, consider opting for a stone pizza oven under a pergola covered with wisteria or grape vines. A large stone fireplace can help create a romantic retreat. For the ultimate man cave, equip your outdoor kitchen with a large screen television to watch the games and a kegerator. Your outdoor kitchen can be whatever you want it to be!

It is common for people to add doors to the back of their home to swing open on nice days, creating a combined living room and outdoor kitchen space. Others like to design their outdoor kitchen around a swimming pool, or set it up as a place for the grown-ups to sit while they watch the kids play nearby. The options are limitless, and Prime Construction Services in Oklahoma is here to help you make your dreams of an outdoor kitchen a reality! Contact us today to get started!


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