Bathroom Remodel

Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC knows that sometimes redesigning your bathroom isn’t as easy as thinking, “We need to update our bathroom.” 

There are always the questions the go with a bathroom remodel OKC like:  What colors do you choose?  Should you upgrade to a double vanity?  Can you make the bathroom bigger?  Can you put in a steam shower?  Can or should you add that jacuzzi tub you’ve dreamed of?  Should you make your closet smaller for a bigger bathroom?  Should you make your laundry room smaller for a bigger bathroom?  Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC can answer these questions for you!  But, here’s the deal… a bathroom remodel OKC isn’t a bathroom remodel OKC isn’t a bathroom remodel OKC… It is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.  Those questions are very individual.  At Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC, we will come to your home, look at the layout and walk out the bathroom remodel OKC with you, answer your questions and give ideas and suggestions… all before a contract for a bathroom remodel OKC is ever drawn up.

After Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC is selected as your design and/or construction team, a contract will be presented given your specifications.  However, you, the customer, still get time with the design team to select the special elements to make this your dream bathroom remodel OKC.  The design team is ready to help as much or as little as you want.  One may have a vision but doesn’t know how to get it transferred out of his head to his own bathroom remodel OKC.  Another person doesn’t need much help other than finding the right sink to go along with the specifics of the bathroom remodel OKC.  But still, another may just need quality workmanship to install his complete design for the bathroom remodel OKC. Whatever your level of involvement, Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC is here for you.

Depending on your long-term and short-term goals, Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC will make recommendations to make your bathroom remodel OKC an ideal fit for your circumstances.  Generally speaking, if you plan on living in the home five years or less, Prime Construction Services will recommend upgrades consistent with resale values and not what appeals to your tastes.  However, if you are planning to stay in the home for more than five years, Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC would encourage you to do upgrades that add to your enjoyment of the home.

For example, if you really wanted to add a sauna to your bathroom that would cost let’s say $30,000, but you were planning on staying in the home for 3-5 years, Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC would discourage the expense.  To add value to your home for the purpose of resale, you could invest less/or the same money to upgrade your bathroom for a bathroom remodel OKC that would appeal to a larger number of buyers.

After your goals are defined and a specific direction is established, you will meet with the design team to select finishes… that is, tiles, drawer pulls, cabinet design, colors, stains, fixtures, granites, marbles or quartz, etc., etc., etc.  Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC wants you to be as active in the design of your bathroom remodel OKC as much or as little as you want to be involved. So your input does not have to stop there.  Your comfort with the bathroom remodel OKC is important to Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC every step of the way.  If you want to sit back and wait for the end result, that is ok.  You can trust Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC!  But, if you like to stay involved and make sure it is all going just how you want and expect it to, that is ok too!

Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC is ok with you being onsite watching the progress (provided there are not any fumes or conditions that pose a threat to your safety or well-being).  However, Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC has also created a way for you to watch the progress (not to mention feel reassured about our team being in your home without your direct supervision) without you having to being there to look over their shoulders, and you, the client, can go on about your day without missing anything.  Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC will set up webcams available to the customer while the construction is underway!

Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC offers the complimentary service of webcams to customers for not only, peace-of-mind but also for quality control.  Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel will set up wifi webcam through the client’s internet!  The client and the project manager of Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC are the only ones who have the login information, so the client doesn’t have to worry about another person or group being able to see into his home.  After the job is completed, the webcam is disabled, the login information is permanently deleted and the camera will be used exclusively through the internet at another client’s home.

For Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC, the construction process is very individual.  Every customer is different; every home is different; every design detail is different.  But for Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC one thing remains the same no matter what, that is their dedicated to excellent craftsmanship, quality materials and the latest in design ideas for each and every job, every time.  Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC wants happy customers for each and every job, every time.  Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC wants the customer’s word-of-mouth recommendation and five-star Google review for each and every job, every single time. 

The customers are who make Prime Construction Services bathroom remodel OKC number one in the area.  Our dedication to quality work and attention to detail is what makes us the best, but our customers are who make us number one.  Please leave us a five star Google review at:,1,,,

Kitchen Remodel

Just suggesting the topic of a kitchen remodel can make almost any person start on a long wish list.  One could daydream for hours and hours about what her ideal kitchen would contain and look like.  There are so many options and cool designs for kitchens — just thinking of a kitchen remodel OKC can soon start to seem daunting and overwhelming.  A person may feel discouraged before any work has even begun.

At Prime Construction kitchen remodel OKC, we can help you choose the best design options, appliances and materials to suit your taste, lifestyle, wants and needs.  Prime Construction Services kitchen remodel OKC will come to your home and walk out the project with you.  We will discuss your vision and try to get a feel for the kitchen of your dreams.  The project manager and design team will work together to provide options and costs to the client.  Once a kitchen remodel OKC start date and job length are agreed upon with the client, the client can watch while the transformation takes place.  The Prime Construction Services kitchen remodel OKC crew will install protective barriers (if needed) to protect the surrounding areas from dust and debris from the kitchen remodel OKC.  After the barriers are put in place, complimentary wifi cameras are put in place.  These cameras are powered by the client’s own internet, so they have ultimate control of the video cameras.

Prime Construction not only welcomes but encourages clients to be as active in the kitchen remodel OKC as they want to be.  With the wifi cameras in place, the client can go about her daily activities and still be able to watch the progress that is taking place in her kitchen remodel OKC.  The client can watch the workmanship in action and can verify quality materials are used in her kitchen remodel. The owner of the kitchen remodel OKC and the project manager at Prime Construction Services are the only two given access to the login information.  When the job is completed, the login information is permanently deleted, and the cameras are moved to the next project to be used by another client.

During the kitchen remodel OKC, Prime Construction Services will stay in constant communication with their customers.  You, the customer, will always know how the project is going, if anything unexpected is discovered or if there are any unexpected delays or problems.

Although every job is very individual each kitchen remodel OKC consists of the same basic elements: 

  • Structural Analysis
  • Design
  • Site Prep and Demolition
  • Installation
  • Cleanup

Structural analysis – This is needed to examine existing conditions. Building layout can play a significant role in dictating design and budget needs for anyone doing a kitchen remodel OKC. The physical elements of the kitchen, such as layout, existing plumbing, type of subfloor are all important factors. Major layout changes, such as removing walls, rerouting gas or plumbing lines, and re-wiring electrical are all very essential to identify early in the kitchen remodel OKC process.

Design – This is the time to plan to collaborate with the design team at Prime Construction Services.  You will select things such as wall colors, lighting, appliances, backsplash, flooring, sink, and hardware during the design phase.  The design team at Prime Construction Services will help you translate the image in your head to your kitchen.  If you don’t yet have a vision in your head, that’s okay too.  We can show you samples and pictures to get a better understanding of what appeals to you.  We can help you combine elements, styles, and textures.  After the design work is completed you will have a good idea of what your kitchen will be after the kitchen remodel OKC is completed.

Site Prep and DemolitionIn the site prep stage, significant behind-the-scenes labor is needed to ensure that your kitchen renovation maintains its value over time. Old materials and fixtures need to be pulled out and disposed of—this can be dusty and messy. Almost without exception, and especially in old buildings, your contractor will need to strip the walls and flooring to frame and level, before the installation phase.  Also, sheetrock work or intensive plastering may need to be done before any surface work can get started.

Exposing the existing conditions inside walls during this leveling and framing step will also allow your contractor to address plumbing or electrical issues. Gas and plumbing lines may need to be moved as well as outlets, and this would be the time that it needs to be done. The work that is needed in the walls is critical for a successful kitchen remodel OKC.  Although it does not “show up” in the design features, the foundation alignment and infrastructure needed for the project are crucial, so consider these expenses wise investments.

Installation – Next is the install. It’s essential to note that high-quality materials are only as good as the installation—if hinges are not properly aligned on drawers or cabinets, or if the shelving is not completely level, these faults will not only prevent your kitchen remodel OKC from aging well, they will also affect the immediate function and aesthetics of your brand new kitchen remodel OKC. No one wants to see slightly crooked cabinet drawers or have doors that do not shut properly in a kitchen, but especially not on a brand new kitchen remodel OKC!

Clean Up – Prime Construction Services sweeps up at the end of each day, but at the end of your kitchen remodel OKC, we will clean up and remove all debris.  Your kitchen will be functional when the crews are finished and the wifi cameras are removed.

You have a wide range of options and costs for design elements, so it truly is your choice in deciding what to spend on some material aspects of a kitchen remodel OKC, but some basic renovation costs and labor-intensive phases are crucial to the project as a whole, regardless of what you spend on building materials. Having an understanding of the real costs involved will allow you to better produce a realistic budget, avoid surprises, and get you that much closer to your dream kitchen remodel OKC.

Outdoor Kitchen

Most people remember growing up cooking outside with their family.  Dad was manning the grill, and Mom was running in and out of the house juggling arm-loads to set up the condiments, side dishes, and paper plates.  It was usually a great day, although very labor-intensive getting it organized, set up, prepped and then cleaned up and stored away again until the next opportunity arose.  Nowadays, you can forget the table surrounded by folding lawn chairs set close to the charcoal grill on the back patio.

Today people want outdoor living as a feature of the homes themselves. This means they want outdoor kitchens OKC — complete with the latest tile, stone treatments, and marble countertops. And they are fused like a dream into increasingly larger outdoor spaces that allow families to enjoy being together in a “room” outside of the house.  It is a place for family and friends to relax and enjoy their own home.  They don’t have to leave the house for a retreat.  They don’t have to go to a restaurant to have a nice meal on the patio.  And, they don’t have to contend with all the chores of the past just to cookout.

“Many clients are longing for outdoor living square footage,” as Tony Corrente, Managing Partner for Prime Construction Services notes, “People are focusing less on the formal living rooms and dining rooms, and instead want to spend time in an outdoor kitchen complete with all the amenities of an indoor kitchen.”  Many people are choosing to not spend the money to increase the total square footage of their home, but they are increasing the value of their home by spending the money outside with an outdoor kitchen OKC.

Demand is great for full-fledged outdoor kitchens OKC.  People don’t want to just find a nice spot to put their grill.  They want stovetops, sinks, refrigerators, ice machines, etc.  It’s no longer a spot for Dad to flip burgers, but a full entertaining space for friends and family.  It is a destination at the home. Imagine sitting comfortably outside on a couch with your friends and family enjoying the outdoors while enjoying a meal and drinks together and listening to the trickle of the waterfall in the koi pond, birds chirping and rustling of the leaves.  It’s appealing, isn’t it? And it’s in demand. 

Not only do the people who are planning to stay in their homes want outdoor kitchens OKC but so do buyers.  Realtors have had an increase in outdoor kitchen on the wish list of many buyers.  If done properly, an outdoor kitchen OKC will increase the value of your home and make it more desirable to buyers.

Prime Construction Services treats outdoor kitchens with the same attention to detail as they do an indoor kitchen remodel.  First, they walk the project with the clients and determine what is the clients’ vision for this new addition.  Prime Construction will have lines located and draw up plans for the gas, plumbing, and electrical lines to be installed.

Although this kitchen is not in the house, the design and layout is still part of the home. Prime Construction Services’ design team is happy to assist clients in finding the right stones, tiles, countertops, appliances and other items for your outdoor kitchen.  Outdoor kitchens OKC can be set up as a fun spot to hang out at on nice days or a place you can eat at every day of the year, no matter what the weather is like.  They can be a warmed the space with gas heaters installed in the ceiling, stone fireplaces or fire pits, and they can also be cooled with large ceiling fans, misting fans or even a cooling unit.

After design and layout is chosen, the ground needs to be prepared, lines installed, and concrete poured.  Then the fireplace, cabinet bases, countertops, are built and installed.  Custom outdoor kitchens OKC are a balance of working to create a functional room that is both beautiful and enjoyable to be in but can also withstand the elements of Oklahoma weather.

Everything in the outdoor kitchen OKC is designed for ease of use.  Gone are the days of Mom running in and out of the house juggling arm-fulls of dishes and food.  Now she can prep food while she chats with her family and friends seated in the outdoor kitchen area.  Food, drinks, and condiments can be stored in the refrigerators.  Music, television, computers can be part of your outdoor kitchen. 

The type of outdoor kitchen you choose should accentuate features of your home and/or your personality.  (However, for purposes of resale value, we would encourage you to stay close to the style of your home if you are planning to move within the next five years or so.)  Maybe you have a colonial house where an outdoor kitchen OKC would have columns on the sides and marble countertops.  Or perhaps, you love the industrial feel and you could use old bricks and exposed pipes with a copper metal countertop in your outdoor kitchen.  An outdoor kitchen for a rustic home could have rough beams and distressed wood shelves.  If your house has a Tuscan feel and you love pizza (because who doesn’t!?) why not opt for an outdoor kitchen with a stone pizza oven under a pergola covered with wisteria or grape vines?  You could create a romantic retreat with your outdoor kitchen OKC by adding a large stone fireplace to the design.  It could be the ultimate hangout and outdoor man cave to watch the games with a large screen television and a kegerator. It can be whatever you want it to be.

It is common for people to add doors to the back of the home to swing open on nice days combining both a living room to the outdoor kitchen OKC.  Others like to design their outdoor kitchen around a swimming pool.  Still, others like to set it up as a place for the grown ups to sit while they watch the kids play nearby.  The options are limitless, and Prime Construction Services is here to help you create your dream outdoor kitchen OKC.

Historic renovation

Most people will agree Historic Neighborhoods are amazing.  They are so peaceful, relaxing and beautiful.  They are packed full of history and character on the tree-lined streets; each home is unique, while at the same, uniform to the period in which the neighborhood was developed. Almost everyone has his own favorite type of historic home. These historic properties are very sought after and for good reason.  Historic homes are part of all us, the history we share as a country, state, and a city.

As you drive through a historic district you see houses that look almost exactly as they did when they were first built.  However, it’s not a coincidence that all these homes are maintained in the same manner.  If you own a historic property in Oklahoma City, you know the Historic Preservation Districts and the Historic Landmark Overlay Districts preserve places and areas of historical, cultural, architectural, engineering or archaeological significance throughout Oklahoma City.  They develop and implement the building standards for these neighborhoods.

All across the country, different entities protect historic areas, buildings, and landmarks.  Historic preservation is an important part of the community; it improves the community spirit and promotes a fellowship of community through a connection found in the past.  Preservation activities encourage stability in the area, increase sales tax revenues, improves property values and it’s good for the environment by utilizing existing structures and building materials.

Maintaining, renovating and restoring historic areas also creates skilled jobs.  Being able to maintain, renovate or restore an older structure is an old art – one that is dying out.  Prime Construction Services is skilled in historic renovations and historic restorations. Prime Construction Services has many years of experience of not only maintaining and renovating historic properties but also adding to existing buildings to historical properties, which almost everyone knows is not an easy task because of the strict guidelines set forth by the Historic Preservation Commission.  Prime Construction Services knows how to work with the Historic Preservation Commission.  Our team of experienced builders, crews and project managers understands Historical Preservation Commission requirements, can submit documentation to get project approval and knows how to perform work to the required standards.

Oklahoma City’s historic districts are unique and distinct.  Famed for the large, ornate homes and the small tidy properties, all depending on which one of the districts it is in.  Some historic districts are large containing hundreds of properties; some districts are quaint and contain a smaller number of historic homes.  Prime Construction Services understands the unique traits and distinctiveness which accompanies each historic area and as the leading historic property maintenance, renovation, and restoration contractor. Prime Construction Services maintains the integrity and enhances the unique qualities of your beautiful, historic home.  We understand a historic home is a unique part of history with a heritage that cannot be duplicated so it must be maintained to the highest of standards.

The Historical Preservation Commission’s design guidelines stress the need to preserve original materials that illustrate style and character because homes aren’t built like they used to be.  From intricately carved moldings to turrets to hand-carved stone fireplaces, many older homes offer a unique charm you can’t find in modern properties.  Because of a historic home’s heritage, each has its own charm and appeal that cannot be duplicated.

If you do not own a historic home but are interested, you should know some historic homes that are not in the best of shape can be great investments. You don’t have to find a home that has been faithfully maintained over the years or even one that someone else has invested in a historic renovation to restore.  If you’re willing to put in the necessary the attention to detail and invest into a not so charming-looking house, you can bring back the life into a historic home that once stood proudly on the street and was a part of the history of Oklahoma.  Although it looks sad now, it could have great potential.

That being said, because of their age, historic homes can be costlier to fix and renovate than newer ones. You may find that generations of homeowners have made repairs and additions with varying levels of expertise, and old walls can hide some big surprises.  If you’re thinking about buying a historic home, you need to make sure you hire a contractor that is not only up for the challenge but able to deliver on his promises.  Prime Construction Services has faced almost every challenge that comes with a historic home renovation and has overcome each obstacle.

When the project is finished, you will be the owner of property that is so much more than an investment.  It will be not only a part of you but also history that now has a future again.

Prime Construction Services has been there for many historic renovations and transformations and quite frankly, we get more than just a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.  We also feel a sense of camaraderie with the property owner through a connection with the past and working together to nurture the preservation of it so that this historic home can once again stand proudly on the street and be a part of more of Oklahoma’s heritage.

When you hire Prime Construction Services to do your historic renovation, you are hiring a crew that has several years of experience; a team that will include you along the way, keeping you updated on the progress and if there are any surprises.  You are welcome at the job site as often and as much as you would like (provided there are not any hazardous or dangerous materials or fumes).  However, Prime Construction Services offers a complimentary service with wifi cameras, so that the owner of the project can see what is happening while he is away.  The cameras are hooked up to the home’s internet and the project manager and the homeowner are the only ones who have the login information.  When the job is completed, the login information is permanently deleted and the cameras are moved to the next job for the next client’s use.