Interior Design Consultations

Oklahoma City Interior Design Services

Prime Design House is a full-service interior design boutique led by Sherry Corrente. Sherry and her team design unique home interiors for various clients throughout the Oklahoma City metro area and across the state. The unique design of each home is developed with close collaboration between the Prime Design House team, the client and the client’s builder and architect to create a one-of-a-kind space.

Because your home says a lot about who lives there to anyone who visits. Designs are created by catering to the client’s personal interests, style and needs Your taste and style should be displayed with style to make an appealing impression. Every choice you make for your home impacts the overall look and feel. Prime Design House can help you every step of the way through the interior design process.  The result is a look the client wants that was constructed within the designated budget.

As a trained and experienced Interior Designer, Sherry and her team at Prime Design House know how to mitigate the most unforeseen complications with vendors, contractors, and subcontractors. They have the experience and the expertise to get the job done professionally and efficiently. They have a seamless design process that is simple to follow along with and contribute to, from conception through installation, making the process easy and even fun.

Do you…

  • Appreciate good design but don’t know how to pull it all together for a cohesive look?
  • Have a room that you want to not only change the look or the improve functionality, but also want to change the layout by adding space or architectural features?
  • Want a professional to walk you through the design and/or construction process, put together beautiful and thoughtful design concepts and handle all the details?

Contact us today to schedule your in-home design consultation. We know every project is unique and contains its own set of circumstances.  When you work with Prime Design House, we will tour your space and discuss your design ideas and challenges. We take time to understand the style, look and feel you wish to achieve and establish the scope of your project.