Bathroom Remodel OKC | Value of Three Bids?

Bathroom Remodel OKC | This content was written for Prime Construction.

Should you get three bids for your bathroom remodel OKC. Everyone says it is imperative to get three bids but thatís a lot of work and is there really any value in it anyway? I watch all the shows on HGTV and I listen to the news broadcast and they all say the smart person gets three bids but why? How do I know which is the best contractor when I do get three bids? Are contractors intimidated into giving me a lower price when they know they are competing against other contractors for my bid?

So, you watch the news and you heard about another little old lady who was ripped of by her contractor. What they never tell you is that she got three bids and she chose the lowest bidder. He took her deposit and never completed the project. Or, even worse, he took a deposit and never started the job. That is a felony by the way. If the contractor starts the project and doesnít finish it is only a civil matter and then a long court battle and many thousands of dollars in attorneyís fees will follow.

You chose the lowest bidder and you are a week into the project and you hear that there is not enough money in the project to complete because you have run into something unexpected. Unforeseen items are legitimate basis for change orders which is pretty cool. The problem is that when you chose the lowest bidder one of two things can easily occur. One, his price is low because he lacks the inexperience to bid the job properly. If he lacks the experience to bid the job he, likely, lacks the experience to complete the job to highest standard that you would expect and is required for warranty.

Secondly, and even worse, the lowest priced contractor threw out the lowest number possible to secure the project knowing, full well, that it was insufficient to complete the project properly. You need a contractor who does business in good faith and charges enough money up front to complete the project without change orders. This, unfortunately, is a very common practice and we have even lost projects to other, supposed, contractors who have bid the job lower than the cost of materials. All materials cost all contractors the same within about a 10 percent margin. Never believe anyone that says otherwise.

The lowest price is rarely that best value. Many professional salesmen employ various and unscrupulous technics to win bids. You should always select the contractor who instills the most confidence. Confidence is built with Prime Construction by their reputation. Call Prime Construction today for your bathroom remodel OKC and have the highest rated most reviewed company on your side. Prime Construction is proud to be the best value around and to be your construction partner. Never select the lowest price but always select the best value. Prime Construction is your best value.