Bathroom Remodel OKC | Marble, the Ultimate Product for My Counter Top?

Bathroom Remodel OKC | This content was written for Prime Construction Services

Is marble the best product for your bathroom remodel OKC. We have reviewed both quartz and granite as counter top material but what about marble? Is it the best solution for your counter top? Marble is clearly among the most exotic and expensive materials for a counter top. Does that make the best or premiere choice for your counter tops? Is marble durable as well as beautiful or is it just over priced hoopla reserved only for the pretentious few who can afford it?

Marble, the famed material of the Greeks and Italians throughout history. Some of the most beautiful architecture in the world incorporates marble as the focal point of its materials. The craftsmanship associated with the use of marble has been admired in art, sculpture and construction for eons right down today. It was especially highlighted in the 1940ís art deco architectural period that you find in the most historic of our buildings. It is used in the rarest and most valuable of our homes and buildings we have today that have built to impress. It is not just for the Greeks and Italians anymore it is for your bathroom remodel OKC.

The simple fact that marble has been used so widely throughout history would imply marble is a durable and lasting product. Ask any decorator or design today and the common viewpoint is that marble is soft and should not be used in your average space that is exposed to everyday wear and tear. I say if at every court house in the country, built during the 20ís or 40ís, has marble wainscoting and marble stair cases then it should be fine in your bathroom vanity or kitchen. It is even used in applications that are exposed to the elements. After all, the product came out of the ground and with a little polishing you end up with a beautiful construction material.
Marble has some of the largest variety of colors and options available. It is simply amazing that a product that is the same basic material can have so many options. All of which are polished to a look that is both delicate and elegant in appearance. There are color options for a classic and formal look to a whimsical and modern appearance. This can be enhanced by the edging. You can fabricate a waterfall, rounded or even a sharp edge to the marble all of which enhances the style you are trying to accommodate.

Marble is easily the most beautiful and elegant of materials you could choice to use in your bathroom remodel OKC. It has withstood the test of time in both tastefulness and durability. Prime Construction is the right company to help you make the perfect product solution for your counter top. Call Prime Construction today to schedule our design team to provide with your free in-home consultation. Prime Construction is your construction partner.