Bathroom Remodel OKC | Is Quartz the right product?

Bathroom Remodel OKC |Is Quartz the right product for my counter top?

This content was written for Prime Construction Services

What counter top material should you use for your bathroom remodel OKC. With all the options available to choose for your remodel what should you choose? The prices are all over the map. Does a higher price mean you are getting a better product? Marble is more expensive than granite and quartz, so it has to be better. Right? After all, you get what you pay for donít you? So, if I spend the most money I can doesnít it mean I will add more value to my home?

So, what are the benefits of Quartz for my bathroom remodel OKC? Quartz is a durable surface material for your counter tops. It is a good choice for both kitchen and bath room counter tops. It has a very tight pore surface that is resistant to bacteria that can build up on granite and marble. It has a surface that can be polished if it gets scratched. The surface does not require being sealed frequently as with granite and marble.

Color options are another benefit of quartz. The colors are manufactured and provides for boundless opportunities for options to widen frequently. There are even light colors that you will not be able to find in a granite options. For example, whites or near whites are not available in the natural granite products that are available for purchase. There are some marble products such as Carrera or Calcutta marble that contain a great deal of white, if sourced from the right quarry. Those, however, contain a lot of greys and brown veins, a little gold if your are lucky, as is common in natural products.

As with other products, staining is always a concern. There are no products on the marker, as yet, to seal the pores of the quartz to prevent staining. Fortunately, the pores are tight which resist a lot of products and food born products that might stain. That being said, liquid and fine powder products such as many makeups will stain the product. So be careful when using these items on your quartz. Esthetically, quartz can be limiting to a contemporary or even industrial look. We have mixed the surface with an old world tile to tie in the different feels in the same room and the customer was very satisfied with the final look. There is a photo of that in our photo reference guide.

With the many benefits of quartz, we have found it to be an excellent solution for counter tops in our customer homes. Frequently, quartz is found to be most suitable for kitchen surfaces. In homes where you are looking for a more contemporary look quartz can be the go to product for your bathroom remodel okc. Call Prime Construction Services today and our design consultant will show you some of your options and help you select the right color and product for your project.