Bathroom Remodel OKC | Is Granite the right product?

Bathroom Remodel OKC |Is Granite the right product for my counter top?

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Should you us granite for your bathroom remodel OKC. All the options available can lead to confusion and frustration not knowing what the right product to choose for your remodel. What should you choose? Granite is granite, right? Is it all the same price or does a higher price mean you are getting a better product? What are the difference between granite and marble or quartz?

Granite is a natural occurring product in and on our earth. While regionally specific in tone, it is common throughout the world in various forms and colors. Granite in its natural form is mostly an unassuming stone lacking in luster. It is not until it is cut out of the ground honed or polished, sealed, and installed that the true beauty is unleashed. Prior to processing it is dull with a flat color as opposed to a polished product that is truly brilliant. It durably holds a rich luster and when polished it brings out the brilliant nuance of every piece that is hidden away in the dull rough finish of the raw product. The colors available in granite are the most vastly diverse of any counter surface available. They range from the most basic dark green and black mixed with a little brown that you find in the economically priced Uba Tuba granite to the exotic Lemurian Blue Granite.

Granite is also the most durable of products avail be for your counter to. Granite is a hard stone that is not easily subject to scratching. It is quite unique in that it can be used for indoor kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas, and even outdoor kitchens. When maintained by regular cleaning and polishing with a granite top cleaner sealer it will last a lifetime. Using the sealer clean keeps the pores seal on the surface to maintain a shiny luster and protected against bacteria and food born contaminates such as salmonella. Additionally, we find that the granite is fairly stain resistant, especially in the dark colors. Using a 3cm thick product will further provide durability against things falling out of the cabinet or being dropped on the surface with reasonable confidence it will not break.

Another benefit to granite is it resistance to heat damage. Instead of allowing your counter space to be covered or your drawers full of trivets you can simply set a warm pot directly on the surface without fear of damage. If you have any accidental spills that hit the counter feat not! The durable granite counter top can handle the pressure.

Granite is likely the most versatile of counter tops surface available on the market for your bathroom remodel OKC. Prime Construction Services it the highest rated most reviewed construction company in all the Oklahoma City Metro area. Call Prime Construction Services today to have our design consultant come to your home for a free consultation. Our consultant can introduce you to the exciting world of granite.