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Bathroom remodel OKC | A Very Highly Reviewed General Contractor

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There are many ways to get one result, but there isn’t always the right way to do it. For example, a bathroom remodel OKC can be done many different ways, which might be considered receiving the same result. However there are many times in which people are doing it the wrong way, with the wrong foundation and don’t really get exactly what they want. You don’t find that out until years later, when something crumbles when something doesn’t work, when the shelves don’t stay aligned. These are avoidable problems, and in fact may be too common. Prime construction can help you with these exact problems, and in fact the can help you with your remodel while delivering the results you need, the long-term results. Give us a call soon and ask us more about this.

It’s very important to us to deliver a bathroom remodel OKC that you really want. Which is why we make sure that we do every one of our services with a specific system and process that we can make sure that it’s always consistent. The system starts with the structural analysis in which we can find out if anything needs to be moved around fixed or toward out. Sometimes a demolition phase can be quite messy, but we make sure to keep it clean and keep you updated as well. But as necessary, maybe will take a wall down and find out there could be some plumbing lines in the way, or some gas rerouting. This is an ideal, but we make sure to keep you updated and make sure that we give you options that fit in your budget.

After the structural analysis, this time for the demo phase. Demo phase can be quite messy with many people. But we make sure to put curtains up and only do it is necessary. This prevent debris from getting any return your household, and areas you really don’t want to. But something like to note about us that really makes a stand out, is that we actually clean up our mess after every job of the day. That means you won’t be having a layer of debris in your home throughout the entire project. Make sure to clean up as we go, and make sure that you have a nice environment to live in. This is just one part of her customer service.

After the demolition phase, the something that we do to, we like to have the designers play a part. We will be involved as much as you want us to be, and’s stay out as much as you want us to. It really depends on how much involvement you’re wanting and personally. But something me provide you with this the WebCam service so that you can have your eye on our project, and your project as much as you like. In this convenient so that you don’t have to sleep over our shoulders and feel like you’re doing so anyway. But we know that’s not the weird, or just wanting to make sure things are done right and tings removal at a good pace. And some customers like this because they can check on the project that’s being done just out of curiosity how it’s done. However whatever the reasons, just make sure you give us a call and schedule your first free design consultation so we can get started on your project today!