Six Additions for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Written by Tony Corrente
Transform your backyard into an oasis with a custom outdoor kitchen designed and built by our team of general contractors at Prime Construction in Oklahoma City. We will guide you through every step of the process as you turn your fantasy of an outdoor kitchen into a reality. From planning to installation to outfitting with the latest accessories, countertops, appliances and more, we will help you create a dream space that is both functional and elegant. Outdoor kitchens are ideal environments for entertaining friends, kicking back by the pool, or just enjoying a relaxing dinner with family. In this blog post, we’ll discuss six innovative amenities to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level.

Pizza Oven

If you’re one of the 41% of Americans who eat pizza every week, a pizza oven may be just what your outdoor kitchen needs for the ultimate in fun and functionality. Create delicious wood-fired pizza right in the comfort of your own backyard for a meal that everyone is sure to love. Pizza ovens come in a variety of styles, such as classic Tuscan terracotta, Chicago brick, or slick stainless steel. Our team at Prime Construction can help you pick the perfect pizza oven to match the aesthetic of your outdoor kitchen. Buon Appetito!

Barbecue Smoker

There’s nothing like an outdoor barbecue to turn a summer day from good to great. If your grill just isn’t cutting it, consider adding a built-in barbecue smoker to cook the mouth-watering barbecue of your dreams. Barbecue smokers can either be freestanding or built right into your outdoor kitchen’s countertop to help make food prep a breeze. Fire up the charcoals and get smoking today with a built-in barbecue smoker from Prime Construction. 


Treat your family to breakfast al fresco with a built-in griddle in your outdoor kitchen. Enjoy juicy bacon, scrumptious eggs, fluffy pancakes, and more, all in the convenience of your own backyard. Griddles also make great cooking surfaces for burgers, fajitas, and veggies, so you can enjoy this creative outdoor kitchen amenity any time of the day! Our team of general contractors will help you pick a built-in griddle to seamlessly match your outdoor kitchen’s countertops. Sizzle away!


A vine-covered pergola can help give your outdoor kitchen the romantic, rustic atmosphere that you crave. Whether you want to cover your entire outdoor kitchen with a pergola or just the dining area, this popular garden accessory can provide the shade and elegance you need to make your backyard the paradise that you deserve. Bask beneath a canopy of wisteria or other fresh flowers and enjoy the comfort of a home-cooked meal, or simply dip into a favorite book. Our team of general contractors at Prime Construction in Oklahoma City will help you pick the perfect pergola for your unique outdoor space so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the finest in luxury living. 

Ice Maker

No outdoor kitchen is complete without an ice maker to help you enjoy cold drinks on those blistering summer days. Whether built-in, freestanding, or portable, a weatherproof ice machine makes the perfect complement to your outdoor space. Don’t get beat by the heat! Let our team at Prime Construction outfit your outdoor kitchen with an ice maker, and enjoy delicious, icy beverages all summer long.


Summertime isn’t the only time to enjoy your outdoor kitchen. Thanks to fireplaces, fire pits, and even portable gas heaters, outdoor kitchens can be enjoyed all year long, no matter the weather. Cozy up with family and friends in front of a custom built stone fireplace, or grab a guitar and host a singalong around the fire pit. Fireplaces make the perfect centerpiece for outdoor entertaining, or just relaxing with family. With so many different styles to choose from, such as stainless steel or classic woodburning stoves, choosing the perfect fireplace for your outdoor kitchen can seem overwhelming. At Prime Construction, our team of general contractors will do the work for you, and help you choose an outdoor fireplace that is sure to be the envy of anyone who enters your backyard.

These are only some of the great amenities that will make your outdoor kitchen exceptional. For more information about how Prime Construction can help you build the space of your dreams, contact us today!