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More Than 30 Years of Experience!

Tony Corrente has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. Every project he and his team directs is carefully planned and implemented in a way that meets and exceeds his customers’ expectations. Rest assured that your project will be handled the same way. We look forward to having you join our growing group of highly satisfied clients!

Prime Construction Services is a construction company that integrates design, realistic costs, construction, and construction management with a special focus on bathroom and kitchen remodeling. We work on both residential and commercial projects in the Oklahoma City area.

 At the completion of a Prime Construction project, our clients are left with the design they helped create with our expert design staff, completed with a high quality of craftsmanship by Prime Construction’s team of carpenters.

 We work closely with our clients throughout the design and construction process, relying on frequent and clear communication so that everyone is always on the same page as we progress through the project. Prime Construction Services welcomes first time renovators; we are happy to walk you step-by-step through the construction and renovation process in order to calm any anxiety related to your bathroom or kitchen remodel. Prime Construction Services not only welcomes, but encourages questions and suggestions from our clients both before and during their construction project. We want our customers to have a remodel that is exactly or a step beyond what they have envisioned.

 Prime Construction Services helps our clients make decisions based on their budget. We educate our customers as to how their bathroom or kitchen remodeling project will bring a return on their investment, should the client choose to sell their property within the next few years. There are times we will advise a client against a redesign choice because the client will not see a return on their money.

If you think you’ll be in your home for a while, Prime Construction Services will encourage you to go ahead and renovate so you can better enjoy your home. Maybe you want a steam shower that costs $20,000; if you are moving in three years, you could instead invest in a total bathroom remodel for the same amount and attract buyers who may see a steam shower as a waste of money. Therefore, if you’re renovating for resale value, focus on those projects that offer the best return on your investment.



Prime Construction Services offers live webcams at the project site, so you can see your bathroom or kitchen remodel in progress at any given time during construction. This allows our customers to check that the work they are paying for is being completed, as well as witness our topnotch craftsmanship in action.

We work closely with our clients to create a design on paper that will become the room of their dreams. Highly intelligent people often have a vision of their “perfect” bathroom or kitchen in their head, but are unable to describe it. Prime Construction Services will ask questions, show samples of design elements, and make suggestions to help extract your vision and turn it into a reality. Prime Construction encourages client input throughout the process so that you see yourself in the end result.

We are dedicated to happy customers. There is no better advertisement than that of a word-of-mouth recommendation and/or a five star Google review. We want customers who can’t wait to show off their new bathroom or kitchen to their friends and family, so we make sure that every client knows they are important to us. That is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all design. We will sit down with the client(s) to talk about the project, walk through the property, and discuss ideas and options before any contracts are signed. We will give the customer a written contract itemizing job expenditures and detailing completion particulars. We will schedule a day to start the project and give an expected timeline for the renovation to be completed.

Once Prime Construction Services begins the project, protective barriers (if needed) are installed to protect the areas around the remodeling site from dust and debris. Webcams are then positioned, and the client is given access to the login information. Next, Prime Construction gets to work!

Our clients are welcome to watch Prime Construction Services in-person (provided there are not any fumes or conditions that may be hazardous), however, thanks to our webcam you are free to go about your daily routine while still being able to keep track of your project’s progress. The webcam’s login information is exclusive to each client and project manager, so you do not have to worry about any unwanted person or group being able to look into your home. Once the job is completed, the login information is permanently deleted, and the webcam is removed to be used at another Prime Construction job.